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    Renamed PSD files in AE


      This seems to be a common problem and I haven't been able to find an answer.   Many times, I am using PSD files given to me from our artist.   I'm using the layers of the PSD file in my AE comps.   During the course of the project, the PSD file needs to be renamed.   I then have to manually relink every layer individually to my AE project.   I know when you move a PSD from one location to another, AE will automatically relink the file once the new location is discovered, but is there ANY easier way to relink all the layers of a PSD file if the PSD file has been renamed?

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          Not that I know of. That's an inherent limitation - AE simply doesn't check the file unless it's opened nor does the PSD format provide any options for persistent layer identification regardless of the layer structure and names. One of those legacy things... Of course one could create scripts in PS and AE that take care of this by dumping the layer references in one program to a text fiel and then automatically re-assign stuff in the other based on that dump...