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    Keyframe question ( I know..I know..)


      Ok guys, im sorry for posting such a seemingly basic question but here it goes. To give you a run down of what im trying to do ill explain my scene. My other actor is looking up and im jumping from a disance and coming down at him. I have a starting keyframe, a second for the point in which i start coming down and the end keyframe when im almost to him. I know by default, after effects has built in default timing between each key frame. In this shot im moving both in position and in scale to make it seem like im jumping from afar and coming right at him. Now, i have looked up tutorials on Keyframe assistance and the graph editor. The graph editor has its purpose but hey way the graph works is a pain to me because it moves in waves. What i need is a way to speed up how fast the whole keyframe timeline moves at a constant space. Right now im jumping slower than my scene is moving. So all i want to do is speed up all the key frames equally on an equal level. It seems like this would be a one click easy problem but so far it isnt.. In the shot, im green screened and the actual video is just him looking up at the sky. I dont want to speed up my video because my actions are perfect, i ust want to make it all execute faster so that the keyframing blends with the speed of the video i put myself in. I would love the help..

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          You can select all keyframes and hold down Alt while you drag them to compress/ stretch their timing. Otehrwise you can always enable time-remapping under Layer --> Time --> Enable Time Remapping, but that merely replaces one keyframe problem with another I suppose - for you, anyway. in the long run you will simply have to learn these things painstakingly. Perhaps rather than some FX extravaganza make your next project a motion graphics one with lots of cubes forming patterns to a specific music using lots of keyframes. This will definitely teach you some of the finer points...