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    Premiere Elements 10


      I have searched with no luck on this issue.  I am using Premiere Elements 10 to create a video of my son and put way too much footage in the project to be able to burn it all onto a disc at the highest quality.  It was my first project so I didn't know how much space to expect the content to take up, I know novice mistake!  What I ended up doing was deleting the last half of content and burned the first half to a disc.  Saved that as its own project and all went smooth.  However, my next step is to burn the second half of the project to disc and when deleting the first half of content to burn the seond half, all the menu markers did not delete with the clips, so instead of the markers from the second half staying with the second half of content the clips instead shift over and are placed on top of the first half menu markers (which I anticipated to have been deleted when I deleted the first half of clips).  I can't be the first person to have done this so I am assuming I am just missing something simple.  I have searched through all the preferences and cant seem to find anything about menu markers locking to the timeline (which is what they appear to be doing) instead of locking to the specific clip they are assigned to which is what I assumed they should do.  Thanks so much in advance for any help, it would be greatly appreciated and save me quite some time of remaking all the markers on this project!

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          Unfortunately you are correct. Menu markers do not lock to clips. They are fixed at the position on the Timeline where you placed them. Typically the Timeline content and the the menu markers are added before the burn to area.


          Maybe let us recap.


          In the intact first project how much was on the Timeline for the burn to disc DVD (DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc)? What did the burn dialog quality area show for Space Required and Bitrate. Did you have a check mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space"?


          Dealing with the here and now and the DVD project on 2 DVD discs...

          for your second project, you will need to move everything over to the start of the Timeline and re-do the menu markers and make sure your disc menus are in sync (name wise and otherwise) with these adjustments.


          Right now I am assuming that you used a standard DVD disc for the original whole project (DVD 4.7 GB/120 min). Did you give any thought to the use of a double layer single sided DVD disc (DVD 8.5 GB/240 min)? In reality, the 4.7 GB = 4.28 GB and the 8.5 GB = 7.95 GB)?


          Please review. We will be watching for your follow up.


          Thank you.



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            Thank you for the quick response! 


            In the first intact project there was a couple hundred clips on the timeline totaling 8.91GB in size when the slider is put to highest quality on the burning window.  When I slide the bar to an appropriate quality to fit it into the standard DVD size, I am just about over 1/3 of the quality which isn't something I want to do when it comes to these videos. 


            Well I can check and uncheck the "Fit Content to Available Space" box but I don't see the point as it just auto sets what I can see and manage on the slider below when its unchecked.


            As for doing it on two discs, you are correct I am utilizing standard DVD discs and have not exactly considered using a double layered disc mainly because I have a stack of standard DVDs and it seems silly to buy a single double layer disc because of my first project being too big out of trial and error.  Since I will be able to keep a better eye on file size I would anticipate to not need any further double layered discs. 


            So it looks like I may just have to manually adjust the menu buttons.  Thats really too bad that such a simple issue requires so much work.  I am surprised there is no option menu for markers exists but it appears that Priemer Elements 11 seems to have addressed this issue from what I can see on the user guide/forums.  Thank you for your help so far but I may just have to dive in for a couple more hours to rectify my own misjudgment!




            I am also having an issue with playback of certian video types which after looking over the forums have concluded it to be the result of incompatible drivers from my Nvidia graphics card.  The new drivers since October of this year have been incompatible with the Premiere Elements 10 software and I have not seen if anything has been patched to fix this on either end.  Would you have any idea if a patch is in the works from either company or do I need to continue reverting my graphics driver to the April version to use this product?  Thanks again!

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              It is just about 1 am where I am and I am about to call it a day, but I wanted to leave you with some comments.


              There is an epidemic of display issues specific to the Premiere Elements 10 user with a NVIDIA video card. For now, perhaps moving forward permanently, the answer is to roll back the driver version instead of looking for the latest version of the driver. Since Premiere Elements 10 is not the latest version, it is not expected that Adobe will produce a patch of sorts of these issues. But we are not Adobe here.

              Have you seen my attempt to keep track of all these issues related to this matter.



              As for the burn dialog and its Quality Area with Space Required and Bitrate...I suggest that you go with the check mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space" and reserve the unchecked state for the if and when you are hit by Data Rate error and have to adjust the Bitrate manually in order to continue in the project. For reference...the maximum bitrate set for burn to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc (4.7 GB/120 min or 8.5 GB/240 min) is 8.00 Mbps (megabits per second).


              More later.


              I will look for your progress in the morning.





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                Thank you for your help.  I have finalized the project and was able to burn them after manually resetting the menu markers.  I will try to finish up all the projects I have for the time being with video card drivers rolled back and hopefully that will be the end of it.  Thanks again for your time!

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                  So glad to learn of your progress. Great job.


                  Thanks for checking out the suggestions.


                  Best wishes.