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    Combobox and set variable

      Here´s a example:

      I have a combobox with the following choices:
      Are you a male or woman?
      - Men
      - Woman
      And what´s your age?
      - over 40
      - under 40


      I want to set the variables and Post the variables to the server.
      I cant find any tutorials...(I´m using asp as server-script)


      I really appreciate some answer


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          Did something similar using jsp.
          Not sure if you have done this as of yet but you should have your variables set up in you code first like...

          var usrGender:String;
          var usrAge:String;

          You should write a listener that 'listens" for a change in the drop down. When a change is "hear", the code then writes the correct data value to your variables. When the usr submits the data, this data should be posted to your asp file.