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    Duotone-curve incorrectly applied in action

    Roel Hanssen

      Hi all,


      When I record a action and I apply a duotone-preset to a grayscale image then the curve of the Black-channel is incorrectly applied. Only the 0 is set to 0 and 100 is set to 75. It becomes a straight line instead of a curve as you can see in de screenshot below.


      When I apply the duotone-preset manually then Photoshop applies the curve correctly. I've noticed this also in the past, since Photoshop CS6.


      With a little testing-around I see that Photoshop doesn't record values which stay the same number. For example, when the input-value of a curve is 50 and the output-value is also 50 then it isn't recorded in the action. When you set the output value to 50,1 then it will be recorded.


      Does anyone else have issues with duotone-presets in Photoshop-actions?


      You can download the duotoon-preset here.


      Schermafbeelding 2014-01-03 om 11.21.51.png

      Schermafbeelding 2014-01-03 om 11.51.31.png


      I'm using Photoshop CC 14.1.2 on OS-X 10.9.1.


      Thanks for your help.


      Regards Roel

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          I see that as well on both windows and mac.


          One way around that is to save your duotone settings as a preset and then record an action loading that preset.

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            I am still having the same problem in Photoshop CC 2014. When the action is recorded in Photoshop CC the mode change to duotone is always defined as a description of duotone ink and transfer points. Even when loading a duotone preset while recording. We have to go back to Photoshop CS5 to record an action defined as a link to a duotone preset. This is not a tenable solution because our OS will eventually not support CS5.


            From what I have seen, when an action with the description of duotone transfer points is played back only the first 5 transfer points are used for each curve. All the transfer points past the fifth are set to null, including 100. Also transfer points that are equal, like Value: 50 - Response: 50, are not recorded at all. That is a big problem because equal value transfer points like that are used along with other transfer points to set the slope of curves. They can't just be ignored.


            Here is an example of the actual duotone curve and the results when playing it back from an action. You can see that only the first five transfer points are correct and the rest are set to null, including 100 which is reset to 100.


            Hopefully this is a known bug that is being worked on. Can we return to the previous way of recording a duotone mode change as a link to the duotone preset like in Photoshop CS5? That still works when played back in Photoshop CC 2014. Hopefully we can solve this issue soon.

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              Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

              You can report it over here where maybe it will gain more traction towards a fix.