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    ADE 2.0 drawbacks wrt links




      Can Adobe help me to know the drawbacks of ADE 2.0 as compared to older version ADE 1.7?




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          sjpt Level 4

          I don't know if Adobe will give a list, but the ones I can think of immediately ...


          1. Just stops working for some people for no apparent reason
          2. Refuses to turn pages for some people (the page marker moves but the page doesn't)
          3. Fails to recognize some devices that v1.7.2 does
          4. Will not work with some Sony eReader devices when using Overdrive library books (That's the reason I mainly use 1.7.2)
          5. Doesn't work reliably on XP
          6. Sometimes gets in a curious semi-authorized state (I think this may apply to 1.7.2 as well though)