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    2014 PS Resolutions

    TLL... Level 3

      Ask Adobe forum folks to please remove the "Exceptional Contributor" space on the right side of the browser window. No offense to our current holder of the honor but it's been the same through how many updates of this web site? I'd think Mr. G. is probably feeling a bit embarrassed with all the attention. Use the space for more useful information please. – Done.


      Stop b**ching about CC and subscribe willya. OK, OK for 10 bux a month I could at least try Photoshop CC, maybe I could sublet Lightroom to my kid for 5 of that. – Done! (It will be interesting to see if Adobe’s fixed the navigation bugs they built into CS6 with CC and I still miss the red 'X' from CS5 and still don't like the ‘new and improved’ crop tool.)


      Ping Noel about that SSD raid he’s running. Prices are falling on those things to the point where I might bite on a couple for my home workstation.


      Happy New Year!