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    cross references - automating

    notannhavoc Level 1

      I'm forced to insert a huge number of markers  in a 900 page plus book with more than 50 chapters. I had divided the one humongous  file into seperte chapters ot make it easier but shot myself in teh foot when it came to inserting the  footnotes/endnotes. client wants these at teh end  of the  book - not  at teh end of each chapter - so I am unable to use any of the  scripts that convert footnotes to endnotes. Instead, I'm  inserting  each endnotes as a cross reference.

      Through diligent searchign on this excellent forum I found that a keyboard chortcut for insertign  cross references can indeed be made [thanks to jongware] http://forums.adobe.com/thread/325237 -

      However, I am now faced with scrolling throught teh incredibly long list [200+] of endnote  destination texts to  select each one in turn - the dialog box doesn't seem to remember  the location of  teh last chosen  destination and  resets to the beginning every time!

      Does anyone know of anythign that could help?