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    AVCHD DVD exporting settings

    Love_Green_Turtles Level 1

      Happy new year everyone


      I've created an hour worth of home video using APE 12.  It contains a mixture of images, sound tracks, standard def video and few AVCHD video clips.  Total length of the movie project is about 55 minutes.


      I'd like to export this onto DVD disks at the highest possible quality and share them with my relatives.


      Under Publish+Share, and avchd option, I see that there are 3 choices for NTSC format:

      Two of the options are choices for 1080 red. One is listed with an "i" after 1080, the other worth a "p".


      What do the "i" and "p" after the 1080 represent?  And what are the ramifications of using one versus the other for me?


      The other related question is that reading some of the posts here, it appears that a double layer single sided DVD could be an option that I could use, providing me with more capacity on the disk and perhaps increase the viewing quality when viewed on a DVD.   What I don't know is whether chosing a double layer single sided DVD will limit how many of my relatives would be able to view this final DVD on their DVD device.  Is it safe to assume that most DVD players would have no problem reading off a double layer single sided DVD disk?


      Finally, I'm wondering what type of blank DVD you'd recommend that would give me the best quality and widest compatibility with DVD players.   Reading some of the posts here it appears that the best choice may be DVD +R.  Is this correct? DVD +RW? And what brand? Sony, TDK?


      Any feedback there would be great.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Others will have much more to add, regarding the creation of an AVCHD DVD (to be played through a BD, Blu-ray Disc, player), but for the i and p, they are"


          i = Interlaced

          p = Progressive


          Then, regarding the blank media choices, if one is going to a DVD-9, Double Layer, I recommend Verbatim. For a DVD-5, Single Layer, I recommend Falcon Pro, Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. I do not recommend Memorex, recent TDK or recent Ritek (they were once respected producers, but have adopted the Memorex business model - buy the cheapest media that day, re-name it and place the logo on the disc, and sell the cheapest media possible. I also do not recommend any "store brand" blank media.


          As for DVD-RW, I use those ONLY as a medium to test my Projects. I never deliver on a DVD-RW, and those stay in-house, for testing ONLY.


          Good luck, and others will be along, to help you with the AVCHD DVD's.



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            Love_Green_Turtles Level 1

            Thank you Bill,


            I haven't yet received additional feedback, other than yours.  In the meantime, would you be able to elaborate a bit more on when I should use the Interlaced versus Progressive please?



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              Green Turtles,


              Sorry for my delay, but I spent the weekend booking our travel for 2014, bought a new car for my wife, and veg'ed out watching a bunch of TV.


              For a breakdown of Interlaced vs Progressive, this article does a good job: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/interlaced-vs-progressive-scanning-methods.html


              At the start, one would want to match their original camera footage to the Project's settings. Then, depending on the final delivery, considerations can be taken into account, when defining the output settings.


              Good luck, and hope that article helps.