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    Javascript to auto tab


      I found the following on a different question related to having a Javascript auto tab when the character count maximum was reached:


      // Document-level function

      function tab_next(next_field_name) {


          // Move to next field if Enter key is pressed
          // or the user has clicked outside of the field
          // or if the number of character is the character limit
          if (event.willCommit || AFMergeChange(event).length === event.target.charLimit) {



      Then call it like this as the Keystroke script of a text field:


      // Autotab to the "text2" field



      This works really well and does exactly what I want it to. I am wondering if this can be done in reverse though as well. If I am in a field and the character count is 0 and i type backspace can it auto tab back to the previous form field?


      Thanks in advance for any help!!