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    flex SDK in linux

      Flex 3 sdk install instructions would be valuable.
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          Fidel Viegas
          Hi Peter,

          I use Flex SDK 3 under both Linux and Windows, and here is how I have installed under Linux:

          1) Extract your zip file to a location of your choice
          2) Add your Flex bin directory to your path

          On my machine I have extracted to /usr/local/flexsdk3

          so I add /usr/local/flexsdk3/bin to my path and then I am settled

          In order to compile my files I use mxmlc and then open the resulting file on Flash Player 9 or on my browser, if I developing a data related Flex Application.

          hope that helps,

          All the best,


          PS: Did you read the manuals? Bear in mind that if you want to develop AIR applications you need either Windows or Mac OSX. The AIR distribution isn't yet available for Linux.
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            jolly_scorpion Level 1

            Making Flex3 SDK ANT Build working on Linux


            1. Take Windows Flex 3.0 SDK
            2. Copy to Linux system, go to folder Flex 3.0_SDK/bin
            3. Look for file compc & mxmlc


            1. Change Dos to Unix files using command      dos2unix 


            dos2unix  compc

            dos2unix  mxmlc


            For compc : line - 47

            java $VMARGS -jar "$FLEX_HOME/lib/compc.jar" +flexlib="$FLEX_HOME/frameworks" "$@"

            change it to >> "$@" > $@

            java $VMARGS -jar "$FLEX_HOME/lib/compc.jar" +flexlib="$FLEX_HOME/frameworks" $@


            For mxmlc : line - 47

            java $VMARGS -jar "$FLEX_HOME/lib/mxmlc.jar" +flexlib="$FLEX_HOME/frameworks" "$@"

            change it to >> "$@" > $@

            java $VMARGS -jar "$FLEX_HOME/lib/mxmlc.jar" +flexlib="$FLEX_HOME/frameworks" $@



            5. Make sure before firing the build that the SDK home is given correctly in build.properties file.


            Incase of any issues,  please feel free to mail me @ jollyp@gmail.com