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    Sending to Speedgrade

    GreenpointCreative Level 1



      I am working on a project that was completely made in AE, that includes mostly still images. I would like to grade the piece, and I would like to review my options here.


      1) Color in AE. Which I wouldn't have as much control, say, with windows.

      2) Color in Speedgrade.


      But to color in SG, I think I would need to go through Premiere to send a proper EDL to SG, then send that to AE? I would have to take off dissolves and title graphics, but at what step?


      I realize this whole project was created in a backwards sort of way, so it seems like my only option is choice number one, corrrect? Otherwise, it seems a nightmare to replace/retime overlying graphics and dissolves.




      ALTERNATIVELY if there were no graphics (type etc) or dissolves, would the method of going to Premiere to SG even be possible in the first place?