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    Windows Properties in RH9 - Problems with default window settings


      Hi all -


      This is how it started:

      The sysadmins (unexpectedly) had to reimage my computer a few weeks ago. We were able tor reinstall everything thanks to Carbonite, but since then there have been some issues with RoboHelp. The first time I generated the project after the new install, the ToC was missing and opening the Help in our software caused the program to crash.


      This morning, I figured out it was the Default Window setting in the HTML Help Options window (Under Single Source Layouts > Microsoft HTML Help, right click & select Properties).


      For some reason, RH is setting the NewWindow type as the default window type for HTMLHelp output. This is incorrect - if you see in the screenshot below, this window type is for the WebHelp Pro output. RH should have the default type associated to 'main.' HTML is on the left, WebHelp is on the right.


      Window Properties Help 1.png  Window Properties Help 2.png


      I guess what I'm looking for is this: how do I make the 'main' window type the default for HTML Output, aside from changing it in the HTML Help Options window when I generate the project? There isn't an option in the Windows Properties for HTML output to do it, only for the WebHelp Pro window. I'm concerned that if someone else takes over this project in the future, the settings will "flip" again and there'll be another headache.


      Let me know if you need clarification on this - a lot of time/phone calls/testing went into this, and it may have fried my brain a little.