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    Problem With alignment Of generated Chm

      Hi to everyone,

      i m novice to robohelp envoirment i m creating a chm file using pre existing help system that is in Winhelp file.
      but when robohelp generated the chm its lost the alignment ......specially when the paragraph contain column and horizontal tab sapce between them althrogh this is there in win help but why that alignment is not coming correctly in genrated chm dont know . if any one know how this probelm get resolved please help me out in this even is any one know which tag we apply to take care of hoizontal tab space allignment in chm plz let me know.......below i m giving sample of generated chm and existing winhelp alighnment if anyone kow plz help me.

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          Hi Ruziyo,

          I have experienced similar problems to you in the past. I think someone else on this forum showed me how to fix the problems but I can't remember exactly who.

          Anyway to fix it what I do is find the exact place in the WYSIWYG editor that has an extra indent in the resulting chm file and put the cursor there. Next, change to the True Code view. The cursor will be in the same place as in the WYSIWYG editor, but the HTML tags are now visible. Immediately before the cursor should be a SPAN tag that includes a "margin-left: 40px" or similar. Delete that part of the span tag - not the entire span tag but just the part that says "margin-left: 40px" (or whatever number). Go through and repeat the process wherever this is occurring in your chm file. Finally, regenerate your chm file and the problem should be solved.

          For me this has been a very time consuming task to get rid of all those pesky indents as my chm file is rather large. If anyone knows of a quicker way please let us know.

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi all

            In addition to what darkagn offered here, keep in mind that WinHelp files are all based on Microsoft Word documents. As such, Microsoft Word supports tab spacing. Tab spacing does not exist and has no place in the world of HTML. So this could be factoring into what you are seeing.

            Cheers... Rick