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    1069 error

    Penelope Jean

      When I try to download a book on kobo vox I get a 1069 error?

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          sjpt Level 4

          Is this downloading from ADE (Digital Editions) to the kobo,

          or direct from some vendor/lender to the kobo?


          If it is the first, please give more details.

          If it is the second you had better ask on a Kobo forum.

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            Penelope Jean Level 1

            I downloaded overdrive from my library. I have used it for over a year and now it will not work gives me a 1069 adobe error. I have a book to download and it will not let  me do it

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              sjpt Level 4

              On http://forums.androidcentral.com/barnes-noble-nook-color/125928-error-code-1069-overdrive. html


              Eventually (and thanks to some trouble-shooting directions posted at ) we went to the app menu within Overdirve and opted to de-authorize the app, and then re-authorized it. That worked.

              Apparently the problem was that the re-installed app "knew" that it had been authorized, but the authorization file was missing. Deauthorizing and then reauthorizing recreated the file, and all is well.


              I have certainly seen similar with ADE (digital editions) where it gets screwed up authorization and needs deauthorize/reauthorize.



              Quite a lot of people have authorization problems with the overdrive app.

              The Bluefire app seems much more reliable; try installing that and seeing if it helps.

              It may be slightly more awkward to use than Overdrive for library books; you may have to download and open separately rather than as a single step.

              It will also read any other Adobe DRM books.

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