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    Debug symbol ID or possible Feature request

    YuuJin Level 1

      I'm pretty bad with code and I constantly get lost working with it.

      but I'm pretty good at copy and pasting snippets and modifying things i need.


      I've been trying to watch videos on how to target symbols and things but I keep getting lost on syntax. (ex sym.Stage.(soemthing))
      Is there code that I can type on an element to make an alert box display what the symbol's name is for scripting?



      the issue comes from trying to make a responsive site using edgecommons' adaptive layout
      I can't seem to figure out how to target something when the page is brought up to say change it's CSS or move it through code, most lessons only target symbols on the main stage, not something brought in dynamically.


      As for the Feature Request, it would be nice if there was a way to drag and drop an element into actions panel and have it write out it's drilled down name into the code. Similar to After effects where you just drag and drop attributes and it automatically types out the attribute's name when working with expressions.