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    "empty file" error with CS5, linux server and mavericks


      hello to the community,


      i'm the owner of a small online marketing agency.

      we have been using different macs here since 10.6. until mavericks with adobe CS 5 and a linux server for years.


      today i got a new MBP retina with mavericks and since now i have the following problem:

      - when i try to open a photoshop file on the server i get a "file is empty" error, when i open an illustrator file on the server illustrator crashes und when i open a pdf on the server with acrobat pro there comes a message that the file is corrupt. with acrobat reader i can open it.

      - i can open the exact files with all apps when they are on a local storage not an the server

      - i can open all files on the server with another mac with os x 10.6.


      so there must be a problem with the combination cs5-files, server and os 10.9. it's weird because with my old MBP i with also using mavericks and there was no problem.


      can anyone help me? it's really a problem!