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    Duplicate Layer Question


      I have (long) been making a duplicate layer of a file (photo) that is cropped to the size that I want.  I place the layer on a "blank" image that is larger than the layer (e.g. 8x10 duplicate layer placed on an 11x14 image blank).  I do this so that I can have the effect of a matte around the image.  This is a pretty common technique for most persons.  However, just recently the duplicatte layer has been resizing to the size of the image blank (i.e., 7x9 duplicate layer resizing to 8x10, which is the size of the image blank).  I have no idea why this is happening and I am not able to get it to work as it always has in the past.  How do I get this to work again.  (CS6, Windows 7, 64 bit).  Thanks.

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          It seems like a faster workflow would be to just expand the canvas (Image > Canvas Size). This would give you the same effect.


          However, for what you are seeing, how are you moving the duplicate layer to the new image? Drag and drop? Copy/paste? Layer > Duplicate Layer with the new document as the Destination?


          From how you describe things, my best guess is that you are copy/pasting and that the pasted layer is coming in as a Smart Object, which is auto-filling the available space.


          If you could make a video recording of your process, it could probably provide a lot of clues.

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            DanOmaha Level 1

            Your suggestion is perfect!  Thank you so much!