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    Question abourt Cairngorm framework?


      I do not understand why we put the following line in main page.

      <control:myController id="controller" />
      <business:Services id="services" />

      but no code in main page use the IDs for control and business.


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          m_hartnett Level 3
          These are creating references to your service.mxml object and your application controller object that the cairngorm objects use in looking up events and executing services.

          The service.mxml file has all the rpc or web service config data like:
          <mx:HTTPService id="ControlNavLoadService"
          url=" http://localhost:8090/febatmon/XML/ControlNav.xml" />

          The appController object should extend the FrontController and is used as a central repository for event execution like this:

          public class AppController extends FrontController {

          public static const LOAD_CONTROL_NAV_EVENT : String = "LOAD_CONTROL_NAV_EVENT";

          public function AppController() {

          addCommand( AppController.LOAD_CONTROL_NAV_EVENT, ControlNavLoadCommand );