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    problem editing css styles in robohelp


      I'm having trouble in RoboHelp where the CSS styles editor are not picking up the correct values. For instance, I have a style named "BodyText" and I modified the paragraph spacing before and after to be 14pt. When I open up the css file in a text editor, I can see that "BodyText" have "margin-top" and "margin-bottom" 14pt. However, if I go back into RoboHelp's styles editor, open up "BodyText" paragraph setting, the spacing before and after goes back to 0pt (even tho the css file shows 14pt) and there is no way for me to remove the spacing anymore unless I use a text editor (I can change the value of spacing before and after to any value other than 0pt at this point, but everytime I do that, it just goes back to 0pt even tho the file shows the correct pt value).

      Any idea?

      Thanks in advance!