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    CS5 file not recovering


      Someone coverted a CS6 file to CS5, which is the version I have. The file does have some missing links since I'm missing a few fonts and many of the original images. That said, everything was working OK. The file did crash a couple of times today, but I was able to recover and open it. The last time it crashed, it wouldn't recover and open. The file kept getting stuck opening and trying to find links. Any suggestions for getting this file to open? This is a screen shot of where it got stuck.

      indesign screen shot.png

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          Well, if it is crashing while it tries to find linked files, you could always try unchecking Edit -> Preferences -> File Handling -> Check Links Before Opening Document. That way, it won't bother to look for your missing links.


          (Then I'd export IDML and re-open in a last-ditch attempt to remove file corruption. You will lose all embedded image previews when you do that - hopefully that is not a problem in your workflow.)