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    Hi guys


      I really hope you could put a light on my problem so it will be solved.


      Im having a problem in Indesign and pdf's files, the text is blurry and not comfortable to read.

      also the entire display show of Indesign and acrobat software is blurry.i set it on high quelity view, but it didnt changed the bad quelity.

      to see a clear pdf files i need to drag the files to google chrome and watch them there because of the blurrrines


      the display of the other software(Ps, Ai, Ae etc...) are just fine


      Tnx for any help

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          1. Please use a more descriptive title related to your problem. You will get more response.
          2. Could you provide us with a screen shot please?
          3. Did you select in Acrobat Preferences a font display appropriate to your screen?
          4. Did you use any kind of transparency like a alpha mask in a PSD covering the text?