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    Sequences vs Timelines


      I've got a rather huge project (4 hours) that I'm trying to figure out (I'm basically a :30 commercial shooter/editor).


      What I chose to do for this project is to edit each chapter in it's own sequence, so now I have about 100 sequences (it's a "How To" video).

      My question is, should I Cut and Paste the original footage and graphics from the Sequence into a new Master Sequence, or am I OK with assembling all the individual Sequences onto one master timeline.


      The reason I ask is that I heard someone on YouTube say, "Sequesnces are treated like a bad stepchild," meaning the quality of the sequence isn't as good as the original footage.


      Now, I personally can't see the difference, but I am all about quality, so if I'm messing things up by using sequences, I'll go through the process of Cutting and Pasting.  But if the quality of a sequence is the same as original footage, I'd rather keep each sequence its own entity.  That way I can go in and change just one sequence and it will be reflected in the master sequence and my brain is less likely to explode.


      Thank you for any info, suggestions and advice you may offer.