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    InDesign CS5 - Scaling


      Hi, I am working on a logo which I have manualy kerned & leaded, which are needed in a variety of size's.


      for continuity & ease of workflow is it possible to use a master logo & scale up & down from that or will this degrade the font, kerning, leading - 2 different fonts used Hitchcock & Fruitiger Roman


      if possible should the fonts be formatted or kept in the InDesign library.


      Many thanks

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          If you keep this as live text, then at some point in scaling down you will lose your kerning.


          Logos are generally stand-alone vector files that you would place. Most folks do them in Illustrator rather than InDesign becuase it has more tools and options for manipulating vectors, but if you've got what you want, create a new document with the page size just large enough to hold the logo and export as PDF. Your placed PDF will maintain the realtive sizes and positions when scaled.