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    ADE2 on iPad 2 - Safari cannot open


      I've just purchased an e-book from an online retailer, to read on my iPad 2. The store  indicates I must download ADE2 in order to access the book. The store indicates further that this is compatible with iPad 2. Imagine my irritation when, in endeavouring to do so, Safari tells me it cannot open the file. I've read the responses to similar questions in this forum. Reference to the suggested link is no help at all, as iPad is not listed as a compatible device. Does this mean that e-books locked up with ADE2 cannot be read on iPad or iPhone? Is there no solution?

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          Install the Bluefire app on the iPad/iPhone and authorize it with your Adobe ID.

          There are other apps too, but Bluefire seems to give the least awkwardness; others sometimes have authorization issues.


          I can't remember right now if Bluefire can open the .acsm token file and download the real DRM .epub/.pdf.


          If not,

          1. install ADE on PC or Mac
          2. authorize it
          3. download the .acsm and use ADE to open it, which will create the .epub/.pdf file.
          4. transfer this to you iPad. 
            If you had an Android device this would be easy using file manager to the mounted drive.
            Apple likes to make life complicated for iPad users, you must do the transfer indirectly via Dropbox, iTunes, emailing yourself, or similar.
          5. open the file on the iPad.  From Dropbox there is some sort of 'open with' in the top right when you receive the file.


          A useful link posted the other day does show some iPad compatible apps:  http:/blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices

          Search for both iPad and ios.

          Thanks SerenaLavine on http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1370855?tstart=0