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    How to reload class file for java objects in CF MX7

      I'm trying to create a simple java object for use in a CFML page. According to the topic "About ColdFusion and Java objects" in the CF developer's guide, I can compile my java module and put the .class file in the CFusionMX7/wwwroot/WEB-INF/classes directory and it'll be dynamically reloaded any time CF sees a new .class file there. But the dynamic reload isn't happening; I have to restart the CF server to get it to pick up a new version.

      I don't believe this directory is in the "general JVM classpath"; I don't find "classes" in the Java Class Path in the CF Administrator's System Information page. And I have all the caching options turned off on the "Server Settings > Caching" page, if that has any bearing on it.

      Are there any known issues around this dynamic reload capability, or maybe a more definitive way to make sure the WEB-INF/classes directory isn't in the classpath?