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    Premiere Elements 4.0 burn issue


      Premiere Elements 4.0 with Windows XP (both pre-loaded on a Dell computer purchased new in 2007).  I am able to create *.prel files with no problem and I had been able to burn projects up to 5-hr length to DVD with no problem until recently.   Starting October 2013 I have frequently had difficulty burning to DVD; although I have successfully burned projects ranging from 45 minutes to 4.5 hours.  Current projects are about 3 hours.  I'd rather create two 4.5-hour projects rather than three 3-hr projects, but have not been able to get a successful burn of more than three hours lately.  No 3D effects or still shots, just video clips from the same camera, so all those clips are the same format.  There are one or two video files from a camera phone, but this file format had not prevented a successful burn in other projects.  There are titles, and transitions between some clips.  I get "media transcoding " error or "Elements has encountered a problem and needs to shut down" error.  I have tried to save to folder, and export to avi or to mp3 file.  These work arounds have never been successful for me.  Is there some known, fairly recent (i.e. circa October 2013), Windows issue that interferes with Premiere Elements?  It has been very difficult to debug these issues, since I always have to wait to kick off a new burn overnight, and only find out in the morning if it was successful.

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          • There was a Windows Update around July 2013 that screwed up windows media files in PRE, but Microosft updated the update to fix that.
          • There was an nvidia graphics driver update last year that caused problems for PRE10 users. It may be that also affected PRE4 (I think you are in a minority of user still using that version). Whatever your video card, Intel built-in, nvidia, or AMD it's worth going to their web sites and installing the latest version of the drivers. NB1: NEVER let Windows Update update your graphics drivers - always go to the Dell or manufacturer web site. NB2: Dell, like HP sometimes customise graphics drivers, you may be limited only to those available from the Dell website, although this is more commonly a problem with laptops rather than desktops (which is yours?).
          • Worth going to the Dell site, entering your PC tag info and checking you have all their updates installed.
          • You don't recall adding any new software or hardware around that time that might have replaced one of the standard codecs used by PRE to encode video?
          • Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling PRE4?
          • Is Quicktime up to date?


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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Lots of questions....


            1. Your mention of burn to folder failures seems to take the focus off your burner or disc at the core of your issue and focus it on the Timeline content and other Premiere Elements workflow related factors.


            • Premiere Elements 4 on any computer is a 32 bit application with all the resource limitations of 32 bit. So, I wonder about these large projects as well as burn to in that situation. Are you doing SD or HD projects? What are the properties of the video that you have on these Timelines?
            • Have you looked for pile ups of preview files, conformed audio, and conformed video?
            • What is the menu marker situation? Are Timeline menu markers in these projects? If so, have you checked the spacing between them? Are you using stop markers? If so, do you have one placed at the end of the last item on the Timeline?
            • Have you expanded the Timeline with the -+ slider to inspect the tracks for leftovers presenting as very thin vertical black lines scattered about? And, also looked for other irregularities, such as graps in audio or other, transitions placement, etc.?


            If it were not for your burn to folder results, I would suggest looking at additionally

            • another batch of disc - what brand/type being used
            • burn to folder - taking the VIDEO_TS from the saved folder to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc with ImgBurn
            • getting a new burner - maybe on the old, looking for firmware and/or driver updates


            But none of them seems indicated by the problem description that you offer. And, any involvement of a NVIDIA video card in this equation does not seem indicated since the recent NVIDIA video card Premiere Elements display issue referred to has been specific since the start to Premiere Elements 10 users with NVIDIA video cards. There the fix for these users has been rolling back the video card driver version rather than assuring that they had the latest version of the video card driver.



            Please review. We will be watching for further developments.


            Thank you.



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              mmcguire Level 1

              Yes, I knew I was going to be a minority by still using 5-year-old software, but it was still working so I saw no reason to upgrade!  Anyway, Quicktime is up to date, and I don't recall adding new hardware or software at the time.  I did update a codec after experiencing the initial problems, so I had assumed that is what had fixed the problem before. Overnight, I was able to burn one of the three projects I currently have: the one with all the clips from the same camera.  I am now suspecting my problems may stem from trying to use clips from my camera phone as well as clips from my video camera.  My next step will be to convert those clips to avi format and replacing them in the scene line.  Thanks for your ideas!

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                mmcguire Level 1

                As far as I can tell, all my clips are SD.  They are MOSTLY from the same camera, and they do all have the same frame rate and same pixel dimensions.  I am using menu markers, but no stop markers (I don't think?)  The project in question did have a menu marker at the end of the last item, so that might be causing trouble.  I typically "Start a Project," "Get Media" from "Files," drag them all to the Scene Line in the order I want, "Create Menu Markers" where needed, then lastly add "Transitions" between most of the clips.  I don't even look at the Timeline, just the Scene Line.  I don't try to add special effects, extra still shots, special audio or narration, or anything fancy.  These are just amateur home movies!  As I said in reply to the other post, I was able to burn the one project that contains only clips from one camera, and I am now suspecting the culprit may be the video clips from my phone.  Hopefully I can convert those clips to avi and replace the originals.  Thanks for your suggestions!

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the additional information in your follow up. Much appreciated.


                  Double check to make sure that you do not have a stop marker at the end of the last item on your Timeline. It is not needed and causes all sorts of problems, especially in the burn to process.


                  Premiere Elements 4 is a good program.


                  Best wishes



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                    mmcguire Level 1

                    There is a marker of some kind at the end, but I can't figure out how to make it go away.  I have since successfully burned the third project.  It, like the second one, was made up of clips all from the same camera.  I am thinking I need to create a new project with the same clips as the first one (the unsuccessful one), with clips from the phone converted to avi, MAKING SURE there are no markers following the last items.  Wish me luck!


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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      My positive thoughts are with you.


                      Looking forward to the results.


                      Did you look for clip fragments within the Timeline track(s) content (with -+ slider used to expand the Timeline)?



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                        mmcguire Level 1

                        Success!  I guess it must have been the clips from the smartphone that was gumming up the works (maybe also the marker at the end of the last item!)  I converted the phone clips to avi and plugged them in to the scene line and I was able to burn the project.  Thanks for all your help, guys!


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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Thanks for the great news of "Success!". Great job.


                          If you get some spare time, look at the situation with just the menu marker (presumed stop marker) removed from the end of the last item of the Timeline. If just the removal of the stop marker from that position on the Timeline solves the burn to problem, this will avoid you having to convert the phone clips to avi if it is the stop marker which is at the core of those burn to problems.


                          We applaud your success.