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    CS6 Photoshop fails to print selected area


      PS fails to Print Selected Area, instead it prints an area smaller than the one selected, and it does not center the image on the paper. How can I fix this? The details: image size is 20x24 in. and my selected area is 10x12 in. I am printing to a 13x19 sheet of paper. The image size as printed is 6-5/16 x 9-1/8 in. instead of 10x12, and my selected area is cropped -- unless I check Scale to Fit Print Media but even then the printed image is still the wrong 6-5/16 size. Finally, the visualization is accurate: what is shown in Print dialog is what printed and instead of centering it as requested, the image is printed in the location as displayed. See attached screen shots.AMarc_140103_09420.jpg AMarc_140103_09420-2.jpg