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    Text attributes have gone crazy!


      I have been using InDesign CS5.5 for two years, with no problems.  I am now working on an 80-page document (just text, one font only (Minion), and no images) and suddenly text attributes have gone crazy.  After a certain point in the document regular type will not convert to semi-bold italics, and other text that was correctly 'regular' has suddenly turned to italics (or vice versa). In some cases whole paragraphs have just changed to italics, even after saving the document with that paragraph all in regular type, and there is no way to change them back (I've even tried searching for a certain word in italic and changing it back, but that didn't work).  Sometimes the screen information tells me the type is regular, even though on screen it is italic (and vice versa).  I assume the document is corrupted in some way, so I tried to export it as an .idml file, as suggested for corrupt files.  However, trying to export it causes ID to crash, and I end up with an .idml file of only 124 kb.  I've also tried manually removing and retyping the text around the 'problem area' (somewhere around page 49), but this did not eliminate the problem.


      What do I do next?  Many thanks,