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    Help with Saving Progressive Layers as Video or Files


      Hi, I am interested in creating an animated video with Photoshop. I have 80+ layers, each one building on the last. For example, layer 1 is a simple horizontal line ( - ). Layer 2 is a simple vertical line ( | ). With both layers on, they form a cross ( + ). Layer 1 must be visible for layer 2 to make sense, within the video. So, each previous layer must remain visible when the next layer is turned on. Then the next, then the next.


      Previously, I have manually saved layer 1 as a JPG, turned on layer 2 and saved the new file, turned on layer 3, saved the next new file,and so on, until I go through all layers. Then I used a video editing program to put the files in sequence and render it as a video.


      I am hoping PS (CS5) can help me. I need to render a video with each layer turning on (perhaps a .03 second delay, like in the animation strip) but with all previous layers remaining on. Onion skin's max layers is 8, so that doesn't work for me.


      If I can't render the video directly from PS, how can I create an action that will

      1. save file without a prompt as JPG with the layer name as the file name, in the directory where the PSD file resides

      2. make visible the next layer up (or down, whatever)

      3. repeat until all layers are complete, no matter how many layers