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    Remove image background

    omanbux Level 1

      Hi, I want remove this image background, now I'm using pen tool, select unwanted area & deleting. I want know any other easy way to do this. Thanks..



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          Curt Y Level 7

          There is no easy way, and the way you have chosen is the most accurate.  THe best option, if possible, is to rephotograph on accetable background.  But this type of photography is tricky also.

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            omanbux Level 1

            thanks a lot for your answer. i have more images like this & really need some easy method.

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              What sort of resolution are these images?   And would it be possible to photograph them again?  (What we call the 'shoot it again filter')


              Some stuff to try:


              Add a Levels adjustment layer, and carefully drag the white slider to the left to get the BG as white as possible without affecting the jewellery.  Add a copy merged layer to the top of the stack, and paint out more of the BG with a medium opacity white brush with the brush mode set to Overlay.  When done, copy this layer, and se the layer mode to Multiply.


              Much easier to rephotograph the jewellery though.  If you can do that, we can help with some tips.

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                omanbux Level 1

                yes i can rephotograph . pls tell me your tips .thanks..

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                  Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                  omanbux wrote:


                  yes i can rephotograph . pls tell me your tips .thanks..


                  OK.  I hope this is not too urgent.  I'm in NZ so I'm late getting back, but a guy has to sleep sometime.


                  What kit do you have?  And does the jewellery have to be photographed with the lens axess perpendicular to it?  I'm guess that you have A4 or 10x8 standard bond paper for your printer?  Did you use a tripod, and does it have an articulating arm?  Do you have external flash, or at least a strobe with an articulated head that can swivel upwards?  How about one of those curley eTTL extension leads?  A sheet of glass?


                  Get back to me on that, and we'll take it from there, but shiney stuff is a PITA, and especially with such fine detail.  This is one of those times when it might actually pay to use a coloured BG so you could make a decent Alpha channel mask.  It is always nice to be able to make a cutout and use layer styles to add shaddow.  It gives a cleaner more professional look.


                  I took this a lighting workshop a couple of years ago, to demonstrate that you could do it with nothing but a camera mounted flash and some Macgyver thinking.