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    Missing page content


      I had a finished doc this morning, that I was editing toward the end. Its 272 pages. I saved it to pdf and noticed that some of the page content is missing. I have it separated into chapters. The first page of ch 8 is showing, but the next few pages are blank. The same has happened to ch 9. I wasn't even working on those chapters this morning. Also, I noticed that when I click on the first page of those chapters, the page link (blue line) is now going to the middle of the pages below, and not to the in port of the next page, but when I try to link it back to the next page, all kinds of intersecting blue lines appear. Can anyone help me? Thanks. This is only my 3rd project with In Design and my first with CC.

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          Ok. I had to delete the pages that were not linked correctly, and then re-thread the text on new pages, but the text wasn't lost. Thank God. I still don't know what happened, so if anyone knows, please help. Thanks.