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    DNG workflow question




      I am currently in postproduction on a project that was shot on the BMCC, and just about to start doing VFX on a number of shots in After Effects. We have received the disks with ungraded DNG footage with the files we are working with, but because of the tight deadline on the project the colorist is working simultaneously with us in Davinci, but in another city.


      Therefore, we want to send the footage we have worked on back to him as DNG sequences so he can finish the grade and master with VFX in place.


      I was wondering whether this is possible in After Effects CC or in Adobe Media Encoder? I can't seem to find anything but I might have missed something!


      We have thought about exporting it as a DPX sequence but that will mean a loss of metadata, making it difficult for the colorist to do the job properly.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated!