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    PE12 hangs during encoding/burn to file or disk. Dvd OK, AVCHD hangs


      Good day to everyone.


      I have a 55-minute project conaining images, SD video and few HD AVCHD.  Trying to burn this onto a DVD at a AVCHD res.



      If I chose the "DVD: res, under the pull-down option of "publish+share", then, I have no problem encoding, burning the whole project onto a file or a dvd.  But if I try to burn it as an AVCHD, no matter which setting (1440 X1080i, or 1080p etc.) i chose, forget it.  one time it hung at 98% during encoding, other times, it kept hanging after encoding was completed, but got stuck at 1% during subsequent burn process (to file, not even an inserted DVD). I had selected either one of the file sizes (4 GB or 8GB) and checked the selection for "fit to .....".  By hang I mean: after 8 hours it was still at the same spot.


      Again, burning at standard dvd res works well. Burns to file, burns to dvd, no problem and the video looks fine. I even followed the suggestion of A.T. Ramono in one of his posts to another member and downloaded the ImageBurn software in order to isolate whether the issue is my burner or some where before that as i was trying to figure out what is going on.


      I'd like to burn this project at a higher def as some of the pictures and vids are somewhat blury when I burn it as standard dvd res. Some images and vids are blury.  I also see the same bluriness while during preview (before I even move to burn a copy), but if I pause during the preview, the video and images that were blury, crisp up to a perfect image. 


      My system is a Dell XPS, Wind XP, 4GB RAM, two HDs.  Source on one with with 133GB of available, defragmented clean space left.   OS, programs and rendered files etc all are on the other drive with 230GB of clean defrag available space.


      Anyone can help me figure out what is going on?