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    Problems after Flash Player update


      i am writing because i have some strange sensations in my application after i updated my flash player to version 9,0,115,0.
      this is the problem:
      i have a dynamic textfield with htmlt text, in this html text i have some img-tags which i use to add Sprites into the htmltext that have some kind of user interactivity (rollover, click...).

      until now everything worked fine, just with the update i have the problem that i lost the interactivity to this objects.
      just some sprites which have embedded assets from a swf have the interactivity (rollover, click...) but also jsut on the embedded symbols and not on the whole sprite.
      example: if i put the event on the sprite:
      this.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, doSomething)

      the event will be just dispatched if i click on the embedded symbols.

      i tried Security.allowDomain('*') but this didnt solved my problem
      its like i am getting no focus on the sprite.

      like i said before... it was working before the update :-(

      greetings and thankful for every help!