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    RH 7 is really, really, REALLY slow

      I downloaded the RH 7 demo 2 days ago and opened a project last night. Everything was very slow. Creating a Word output of my project (probably 150 pages overall in Word) took a consistent 20 minutes. My home PC is well within the system requirements, running XP with service pack updates, an Athlon 2100 processor with 1 Gig RAM. Has anyone encountered this? I need to make a recommendation between RH 7 and Flare this week, and right now it's a no-brainer, even with the learning curve for Flare. I'd like to keep our shop on RH, but I can't with this kind of performance. Help?
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          Hi Esso. I was trolling the forums and thought I'd chime in on your post.

          I recommend testing a new project or a sample project included with RH7. This will help you isolate whether the issue is project specific.

          I'm betting that your project has several images, and if that is the case, then yes it will take much longer to generate a MS Word doc. You may want to consider changing your settings, focusing on image options, when generating Printed Doc to speed things up.

          Flare is a good alternative to RoboHelp, but there's plenty of information in other posts to talk to that point, so I won't go into it. Good luck in deciding on which tool to use.
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            Welcome to the forum

            What is the size of the rhvariable.apj file in the root of the project? If it is zero, then please see Snippets on my site.

            Otherwise, are the projects on your hard disk (correct) or on a network (wrong). Second, are you generating the printed document to your hard disk?

            Also please click the Open link on the starter page and click Samples on the left. Open those projects. Any performance difference with those?

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              HKabaker Level 2
              Here's a long shot. I assume:

              1. You opened a project originally assembled in RH 5X or RH 6.
              2. You made no changes in formatting or content of any topics.
              3. You tried to output printed documentation.

              Substitute this for Step 2:

              2a. (The project is open in RH 7.)
              Open the stylesheet for editing in RH 7. Make a change or two and save the revised style sheet. If necessary, re-edit to reverse the changes.

              2b. Open a topic, edit something small and save the topic. Open it again so you can restore the original text and save it again. Do this for just one topic.

              2c. Close the project. Open it again.

              This should take all of about three minutes. Generate output.

              Please report back.


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                Ess0 Level 1
                Thanks for the quick replies. I'll try your suggestions this evening (after I get the snowblower running again...) and get back with my progress.

                - Esso
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                  MergeThis Level 4
                  I, also, have downloaded the trial RH7 at home, on a similar machine. I've opened, edited, and generated WebHelp from an-X5.0.2 project (6.6 MB, 44 GIFs, 23 topics), with absolutely no problems to report. I have not, however, generated a Word output; I'll give that a shot tonight.

                  I'm pleased to say that it has worked extremely well so far. A plus is that RH at home is not under constant attack from Kaspersky anti-virus, as it is at work, so I can actually close RH immediately after generating a project without receiving Microsoft warnings of impending doom!

                  Since we're a 7-writer group working on a 40-project merged WebHelp system, and I don't trust the only source control app supported by IT, I think taking advantage of snippets and variables might require some regularly scheduled diffs of all projects' rhvariable.apj and *.hts files, but it might be worth it.

                  Actually, snippets might be a more user-friendly way of presenting "external" info instead of our current use of hyperlinks across projects (something with a different background, and perhaps an intro like: From the DB Admin " Installing the DB Upgrade": topic: , where the topic name would still be available as a hyperlink, if the user really wanted more info. Hmmm....

                  Although I found the pods and MDI a little disconcerting at first, I think I'll learn to love them. As to the TrueCode, I'm more impressed by the compression of table code (now 4-6 values per line instead of just 1) than I am with the jettisoning of kadov (which was never an issue with me).

                  Good luck,

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                    Ess0 Level 1
                    OK -
                    I will insert my pride, chew carefully, and swallow now.
                    When I decided to test RH 7, I grabbed a mid-to-large range Word conversion to RH x5 sitting on my desktop. I haven't touched this one in 2 years (I grabbed it partially because it's due for an update and re-release).
                    Guess how long it takes to compile in RH x5? You've got it - 20 minutes.
                    SO, my apologies for jumping the gun, and thanks for the help - I managed to learn a good deal about RH 7 while I was thrashing it for no reason!

                    - Esso