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    Horrible Adobe Chat Experience - How to open Canon 6D Raw files in CS5?


      Hi, I just had an awful Adobe Chat experience with agent Dharma. I waited a very long time and when Mr. Dharma finally was able to help me, he wasn't able to. I was told that my product would no longer be supported and I couldn't be helped by Adobe because it was CS5. I was also sent to a faulty link. Anyway, I recently purchased a Canon EOS 6D and when I tried uploading my photos to Photoshop CS5 it said my RAW photos could not be supported. I followed the appropriate links for support and help.


      My CS5 is updated, the Adobe Bride is updated. The extension for the photos is CR2 and they will not show the thumbnails in bridge and won't load in Photoshop. I need help. Now, I am hoping Adobe will support it's product and customer.