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    Importing vector graphics from AI

    JeffInPoulsbo2 Level 1

      AE CS6 on an HP 820z, Wn 7

      I have imported vector graphics from adobe illustrator of a star:

      Star in Illus.JPG

      When I import it into AE it looks like this:


      Star in AE.JPG

      Problem 1:

      Fill layer does not appear for one component only.


      I am working in ray traced 3d. You can see that the arm at 9 o'clock is missing the fill.  When I check the "contents" of the offending quadrent at the layer level, it indicates that it is colored, even though none appears. I tried changing the level of the shape in the hierarchy relative to the other layers, the "from above" or "from below" composite parameter, and only succeeded when I copied another of the "arms" and moved it to that position. Curiously the moved one didn't align perfectly.


      Making that one align well, has proven to be a challenge.


      Also the outer star was drawn as a single shape and the smaller shapes added later. After I drew the star and inner parts, I used the swirl effect to get the resulting image.


      Problem 2:


      Outline of star has stroke but no fill option in the contents area.

      Is there a way I can add a fill component to it.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Judging from your screenshot, your anchor points in the center are all a jumble. They appear to be in different positions, not a single coordinate. The rest is unclear. Without seeing your layer stack and appearance palette nobody can really say what's going on and the same would be true for the shape layer hierarchy. You probably have not closed the path properly and rely on an automatic fill rule to bridge the gap as it were. Seems you have created your fills using unconnected paths and Live Paint and not doen the necessary exapnd and cleanup. That probably also explains your confusion about the "white" areas - you have not created actaul areas because you have not filled them with any color and while overlapping lines may create the illusion of separate areas, they are not areas in teh technical sense. Not in AI, not in AE.



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            JeffInPoulsbo2 Level 1
            My oh my. Pretty sure I closed all my paths since I started with the shape tool and drew a star. Is there a way that would be not closed?  I am trying to create a star within illustrator that has two components. I've gone back to basics to get everything lined up and it is proving not so easy. I created a star that is 8 sided using the star tool, put in guides and even two squares, drew diagonals, converted them to rulers, etc, to make sure I was lined up. Then drew the inner leaf, copied it using http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEg8ahH8550 method to copy evenly spaced layers, and by the time I reach 180 degrees, it is off relative to the star that illustrator drew.  I center the 8 pointed star to the artboard and centered the inner leaf to the artboard. I get this:
               Straight Star w leaf.JPG
            I must be missing something obvious.
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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Post your ai file and I'll take a look.


              I would just draw one point with a transparent and solid side, convert that to a shape, apply repeater and twist and be done. You could even draw the whole thing in AE.

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                JeffInPoulsbo2 Level 1

                How do I post the ai file? Where do I put it?

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  There are a bunch of file sharing sites. I use DropBox. Just upload the file and post a link.


                  If I get a chance I'll post an AE project using shapes taken from your sample.