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    How do I install filters in Fireworks CS4


      I reinstalled Fireworks CS4 ages ago and haven't used it.

      Today, I've gone back to it and noticed that my filters weren't available.  I've been hunting high and low to find out how to do it again.


      I tried to select them through Preferences>Photoshop tick and dragging them into AdobeFireworks CS4>Plug-Ins folder but that doesn't work on restart.

      I can add extensions through the extension manager but that's not the same thing.

      I have also been looking for new filters and how to get mine to work.  The Flaming Pear filters site doesn't mention Fireworks CS4 directly but says photoshop 3.02 compatible programs.  Is Fireworks CS4 Photoshop 3.02 compatible?  I can't seem to find out.


      What file format acts as a filters which FW CS4 recognises, where do I put the files, and where can I get new filters?  I'm looking for psychedeliccolour  and twisting-type effects.


      I love FW, having used it for years, and would rather not have to shift to Photoshop.