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    Round corners


      Rounded corners using the same measurement on different boxes are not the same size in InDesign CC. How do I fix this?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's working fine for me.


          How are you setting the rounded corner radius in InDesign? How are you determining that the corners are not the same radius?


          Please provide a screen capture to illustrate. You the "camera" icon to attach your screen capture to your reply.

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            Doc Maik Level 4

            This can result due to objects being resized by height and widths or per cent. You can only fix this by using the same resizing method on all objects,

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              teryl2002 Level 1

              I know this because I type in the measurements when using "corner options". The same value, 6 pt, for example, appears more like 18 pt. Tried using the eyedropper tool to copy attributes from other boxes, same problem. This happens whether or not I resize the box by clicking and dragging. The example below all have the same radius, according to the "corner options? dialog box.


              Rounded corner_ex.png


              I've noticed this also applies when creating strokes. Doesn't matter if the lines are new or existing. Sometimes I have to use 3 different lines need to have 3 different stroke weights to achieve a similar appearance.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                You've got your prefs set to adjust scaling percentages instead of apply to content, and you've probably also got "adjust stroke weight when scaling" set. The first is in the General section of the Prefs dialog, the second in the Control panel flyout menu.

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                  teryl2002 Level 1

                  Current setting in general prefs is "scale content". Didn't know you had to

                  set in 2 places. Thanks!