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    Lingo being ignored when served from web

      Now I've been using Director for a dozen years, and this one has me completely mystified. I'm trying to revive an old Shockwave game I did for the holidays - and find that when I load the game off of a web server, it seems to be IGNORING all lingo! Instead the movie just zips through the score & ends with an error message.

      It works fine in Director.
      It works fine when I publish & drag the host HTML doc into my browser locally.
      It FAILS when I launch it with http from my IIS localhost or personal web page (other Shockwave works okay in those environments, so I'm guessing all MIME types or whatever are okay).

      So ... it must be some funky setting in my movie, or maybe the HTML that's got a bug - but I can't figure it out!! Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I'll post the HTML below.

      Tia, Bob