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    Avi files showing as black


      Hello, recently some avi files started showing as black in AE. The same is the case when rendering a project containing these files.

      Even if I look at my old projects and such, some of the avi videos display as black there also, so what worked before doesn't now.

      The specific avi format, that doesn't show properly, should be OpenDML Avi 2.0. All other video formats work as they always did.

      I'm guessing that some file or codec got deleted, but outside of AE the files play without any problem.

      Is there some way to resolve this? I've already tried reinstaling AE, resetting the preferences..


      I'm using Windows 7 and CS6.. not sure what else is relevant.


      I'll be grateful for any help.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          OpenDML is just a container extension for MPEG-based AVI files. That doesn't tell us anything about the actual CoDecs used. You have to provide that info along with how the files were actually generated.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            This could be the result of an update, a 3rd party video player installation, a codec pack... I would try and figure out what changed and when to cause the problem. If you can't recall then try re-installing the codec or removing any 3rd party players or codecs you have installed.

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              Demiterovov Level 1

              Oh, alright, sorry. The codec is Motion JPEG.


              I don't recall changing anything before this happened. I did probably install some games. Not sure if that would cause something this specific.


              I've just tried uninstalling all third party codecs and nothing's changed. I've tried reinstalling them after that and nothing's changed again.

              I don't know how to reinstall the Motion JPEG codec as mentioned by Rick Gerard, so I didn't do that part.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Motion JPEG comes either with Quicktime or as a custom CoDec for video capture hardware such as from Matrox or Blackmagic design. In that case you will have to reinstall the relevant CoDec packs from those vendors - or any other ones that you may have been using for that matter. also reset your graphics hardware settings. Some games changee graphics settings during install or replace certain system libraries e.g. for Direct X. This may already mess with your playback stuff.