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    Line Tool not working like CS6

    Peter Bacall



      Straight to the point, the Line Tool doesn't snap like it used to in CS6 (and every earlier version). Unfortunately, this frustrates me alot



      In CS6, the Line Tool snapped to other objects/lines/drawings when drawing, this was very useful for ALOT things (especially for a very fast workflow).

      CS6 also showed a thick circle on the cursor when the lines were connected (see attachment).


      In CC, the Line Tool doesn't snap at all... This forces me to zoom in 2000% to see if the lines are connected.



      Is there a fix to this? I also noticed that the "Preferences" window lacks alot of important options, it is basically slimmed down for the dummies.


      Hope someone have an answear and prove me retarded

      Thanks in advance!

      /Peter Bacall


      ps. I love CC and Adobe but they have to stop removing things on every update.


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sometimes it is better to stick with what works.  If CS6 provides the features you need then you should use it instead of the CC version.

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            Peter Bacall Level 1

            Thanks for the reply!


            Thought of that first, but it feels like I can't stick in the "past" when the programs and such things constantly develops. Especially when (for example) the After Effects CS6 does not work anymore with the new Mavericks OSX, then how long can I stick to my CS6 until the same happens? Don't know if my english is readable but I think you know what I mean

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              Sangeeta J Yelamali Employee Moderator

              Going by your description  it looks like you have issues with line snapping while drawing the line. Tried verifying the same in house and we see line is snapping correctly when “snap to object “ is on. The only difference between CS6 and CC is: "snap to object" is off by default in CC and it is on in CS6. Once we enable "snap to object", line snaps correctly while drawing like it does in CS6.

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