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    Allow comments and editing on reader extended PDF?


      My LiveCycle version is 9 and those who will be using the form have AdobeX pro.  The form is static PDF, reader extensions enabled.  When it's opened in Adobe, users are unable to make comments, modify text or add pages.  Is there a way for them to to that besides printing to the Adobe printer?  Am needing to use the best of both worlds - using some javascript functionality in the form to enhance the drop-downs and other features, but those completing the form may have to make minor adjustments in the body text or cross through some text, and the edit text feature does not work.  They also need to add a stamp, and sometimes add pages.  Have I chosen the wrong tool for this form?  Have tried various versions of reader enabling, removing it, etc., but don't seem to be able to get a version they can do these things.  Appreciate any advice, thank you.