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      I have installed Digital Editions, downloaded a book, it shows on my computer, and the Digital Editions shows my Nook.  Shows the book transferred, says its transferred but its not actually on my Nook?

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          sjpt Level 4

          I am assuming a nook ereader here, not a Nook tablet used as ereader.  Is that correct?


          Is the Nook correctly authoorized with the same Adobe ID you use on ADE (digital editions)?

          If you restart ADE does it still show the book as living on the Nook?  It could be ADE fluffed the transfer but didn't notice.


          Somebody reported similar issue with a Kobo recently which they resolved with a factory reset: could be worth trying on the Nook.

          If so, probably worth deaulthorizing the Nook first (ctrl-shift-E to ADE with the Nook plugged in; or cmd-shift-E if ADE is on a Mac);

          and also backing up any books you have on the Nook and nowhere else.

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            daftgrandma Level 1

            Thanks sjpt, Tried that and it works!  Now got to find the books I bought in the middle of last night which have disappeared into the blue nowhere!  Just found out I cant buy books from UK and download in Spain.. pooh. 

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              sjpt Level 4

              The country restriction is probably to do with the bookseller rather than Adobe, still very irritating.

              If you are desparate to download in Spain you can probably do it using a proxy server,

              but that can be quite tricky to set up, and you need to be careful with security as well.


              Is it (1) the initial download of the .acsm files (usually by a browser into your downloads directory) that doesn't work,

              or (2) accessing the .acsm in Digital Editions and downloading the 'real' .epub file?


              If it is (1) it may be fairly easy to arrange: try the Hola plugin for the Chrome browser.


              If it is (2) the proxy server setup will be more complicated.

              Do NOT send the .acsm file to a friend in UK and get them to download the .epub.

              Unless they are registered on ADE with your Adobe ID it wll then effectively become their book which you won't be able to open.

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                daftgrandma Level 1

                Hi, thank you, I think!!  Its probably being out of the UK.  A lot of the

                books I tried to buy wee "not available outside US (or UK)".  Also

                downloaded Calibre, will try again later.  Got to put dinner on the table

                for 6 tonight!

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                  sjpt Level 4

                  Enjoy the meal/I hope you enjoyed it.  (Guests have just left from the meal I put on the table for 6, too)

                  I find Calibre much better than ADE.

                  Only problem is that it won't hande DRM ebooks, only free ones.

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                    daftgrandma Level 1

                    Hi, Meal was great!  Thanks.  Tried calibre too.  Made a right muck up of

                    my laptop altogether, finished up not being able to find Internet Explorer

                    would you believe!  Never had that one before.  Midnight last night did a

                    restore back to December 31st!   Totally stumped here.  Still got a book in

                    the blue yonder from Kobo!  Left them playing with that one.  cheers....