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    Very annoying livepreview problem

      I've had this problem ever since I've been creating my own components in AS2 and can't seem to get around it. To explain i'll use the simplest possible component: A Square with a Label. Conatins boundingBox_mc, White Background , BlackBorder (size=hairline), And a dynamic text field label_txt, which has some label that should always be at the center of the square.

      Simple enough

      the draw function looks like this :

      function draw (){
      boundingBox_mc._width = __width;
      boundingBox_mc._height = __height;
      label_txt._x = ( __width - label_txt._width )/2;
      label_txt._y = ( __height - label_txt._height )/2;

      the problem is the live preview seems to be working except i cannot see the bottom and the right edge of the square. the component is not beign scaled or else the text would appear stretched. when i publish and test the clip everything seems to be perfectly fine.
      Its just that in livepreview.. i get this:
      link to screenshot of stage: http://dev.flashanatomy.net/livePreviewProblem.jpg

      The bottom and right edges of any box draw to size of the component get cut off.

      Anyone come accross this problem also,.. am i doing something wrong?
      Please help