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    Wiggler Unresponsive in After Effects CC


      I recently installed AE CC on my Mac desktop and laptop. The desktop is an iMac 2012, OSX 10.8.3 and the laptop is a Macbook from 2008, same OS. For some reason, the Wigglers (any of them) in After Effects don't work on my iMac but they do work on the laptop. I deleted my preferences but that didn't work. When I apply any of the Wigglers and then preview, the numerical values change as they should but there's no visual animation. This also happens on another iMac under a different Adobe ID. Why does the Wiggler work on my old laptop, but not the two new desktops I tried? How can I fix this? Thank you!


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If the numeric values in property values are changing but you don't see anything changing in the compositiion window then you have a cache or live update problem.


          Create a new small comp say 640 X 480, add a 100 X 100 pixel red solid. Set a position keyframe  at the first frame with the solid on the right side of the comp move down the timeline 100 frames and drag the solid to the left side of the screen. Verify that you have two keyframes in the timeline and that you see the motion path, click on the Position property selecting both keyframes (they turn yellow) open the Wiggler pannel set the frequency to 4 and the value to 100 and click Apply.


          Spatial wiggles will show up in the comp window, Temporal wiggles are visible in the Graph Editor:


          Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 7.28.47 AM.png


          Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 7.34.15 AM.png


          You should see keyframes created for every frame and the path should be all over the place. Now preview...

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            Hey, there is no "Apply" button in CC

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              Although it seems your problem with the wiggler is different than mine I like to add to this thread the following observations.


              On my current project I use the Wiggler quite a lot to add some subtle movements to a few layers, mostly position and rotation keyframes. Now what I noticed after the latest update, when I apply the wiggle keyframes to the rotation and after that with new settings to the position, the Wiggler stops working after that. Next time I apply wiggle keyframes to another rotation it does set keyframes, but all keyframes are 0 and not do anything. There's nothing I can do or change to make it work again unless I quit AE and restart it, then it does work for a short amount of time. Drives me crazy!

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                ClicerioMP Level 1

                Hello zezimaybe. Go to the menu on Wiggler/Panel Group Settings and uncheck Stacked Panel Group. This is the answer.




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