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    Unable to get Edge Animate page to load correctly first time, any browser


      Weird problem here, folks.  I have a web page created in Edge Animate that works fine using "Preview in Browser", but will NOT load correctly the _first_ time it's called from the website.  It only partially loads (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari) the first time an uncached browser tries to load the page.  However, after trying to load the page that first time, if you go to any other website, and then return to my site to load the page, the page will load correctly.  This is killing me.  I'm guessing this behavior will immediately be recognized by someone who can point me to a solution.


      To view this behavior:


      1)  Go to http://www.lightisrising.com

              A partial page (without animation in the upper left, lower left, middle right, and lower right cells) will load.

      2)  Go to a different website, such as Adobe.com

      3)  Return to www.lightisrising.com, and the page will load and play the videos correctly.


      Obviously, I need the page to load correctly the FIRST time someone visits it.


      Thanks in advance for any help. Much appreciated.

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, mbranco-


          I tested your site and it looks like a simple reload will actually get your videos to display.  Are you using edgeHero to play your videos?  My best guess is that there's a race condition where the videos are not completely loaded, and so edgeHero leaves the video in display:none.  Once they're cached, the videos load before the check and they will display.  If you look at the files when they're unloaded in a web inspector like Chrome Inspector or Firebug, the CSS has display:none set on the videos.