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    InDesign CC crashes when i adding a new page


      Hi together!


      When I adding a new page InDesgin CC crashed. I tested it on two PC with Windows 7 and Windows 8. I also created a new document. Always the same problem when adding a new page. Can anyone help me?




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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          Are you able to open the document OK?

          Can you try File > Save as a Copy and work with the copied version of the document to see if the same issue occurs?


          Also if that doesn't work try File > Save As and use InDesign Markup IDML as format, then open the .IDML file in InDesign and save the file and try inserting a page.


          Also delete/rename preferences and caches. See this excellent article on InDesign Secrets by Anne-Marie on how to do that: http://indesignsecrets.com/rebuilding-indesign-preferences.php


          let us know results... if it still fails check if you have third party plug-ins installed... disable those. Also try disabling the fonts you've used in the file... and change the location where you insert the page to see if it only crashes after a certain page.


          Also: Do you have Smart Text Reflow enabled? Try temporarily disabling it (Preferences > Type).


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            Same Problem here, Windows 7 64 bit, updated recently to InDesign CC 2014 and imported all my customer documents. Working some weeks with it now without problems (just with tables from time to time, deleting a row sometimes crashes InDesign). And this just happened today:


            I open up a document with 44 pages and try to add a new page -> InDesign CRASH!.


            Tried everything:


            - deleted preferences file

            - diabled smart text reflow

            - removed fonts

            - tried to export as .IDML -> CRASH!

            - tried to save as new document (works so far) and export after this as .IDML -> CRASH!


            If i a make new & empty document it works fine. But this 44 page file is an urgent project i need to finish, and i can't as it always crashes ID.


            Would appreciate it if someone could give me a hint on how to solve this...


            I also checked fonts, and saw some embedded fonts in external EPS files, i opended them and converted the fonts to paths - no more embedded fonts showing in ID. I have no clue what i can do anymore to solve this... Didn't have these problems with the previous InDesign CC Version tbh...



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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Try moving the pages to a new file.

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                Engelhardt_Medien Level 1



                i tried to move the pages to a new file, keeps crashing while dragging the pages...


                So i deleted one page after the other, starting from the end of the document, and always exported an .IDML-File, narrowing down the problem to page 38, where a normal table with 4 rows, 5 columns and some text was placed (nothing different to the other pages). When i tried to edit this table or copy it to a new document ID crashed again.


                So i rebuild the whole table and am now able to add new pages YAY


                thx anyways!


                In the end, it's always down to tables regarding ANY problems in InDesign ...

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                  Having similar problem for second time (different files, different content) in the past two months.

                  Using IDCC2014 ( on Mac OS 10.10.3.


                  When inserting a new frame (whether a newly placed image or an empty frame) with text wrap, text reflows (as expected) but InDesign quits (no warning or error, it just quits).


                  Inserting a new page and reflowing text also causes ID to quit.


                  Finding earliest page in document where the problem begins (similar to above reply; in my two cases that is p. 2 and p. 23) and deleting the text frame on that page causes ID to quit.


                  I work on quite a few books with many elements, but the files in question are just straight text with page numbers (not even running heads) and some illustrations to be inserted.


                  Saving as IDML does not resolve the issue. Trashing preference does not resolve the issue.


                  Dragging pages to a new file does not resolve the issue. But if text is copied-and-pasted into a new file then that new file will work fine.


                  The problem is consistent at various work stations across three different locations/networks.


                  The only fix has been to delete ALL of the document pages from the affected area on and do the work again, i.e., redraw new pages and apply the chapter opening master pages again. Deleting just the first page where problem is found or the first two pages where problem is found or first four pages where problem is found, etc., causes ID to quit.


                  In the case of this second file (I don't have the first file onhand right now), it does not have a long save history; it's not from a legacy template file or something like that. Cracking open the IDML file confirms only four saves beyond the initial creation and all in IDCC2014.


                  Anyone else coming across this problem? Any suggestions?

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                    I've a similar problem – a 3-part problem with Text Reflow with a 35 pp document with all linked text boxes which I recently created from scratch.  Text is copied and dropped from Pages, Yosemite.


                    First is a mysterious text disappearance. When I move something on the page unrelated to the text box all the text skips to the next frame.  Then it comes back when I size the text box just a little bit bigger.  I can size it back down and the text will stay.  Then I move something else and it goes again, over and over again.  It behaves like it's a Text Wrap response but nothing is actually even close to the text. 


                    The second is when I change the number of columns in a text box.  The body copy skips to the second column quite mysterious leaving the first column blank.  When I switch it back to single column or 3-column the text comes back.


                    Because I lost all the text in a column/ text frame without good reason, I though I try adjusting the "Keep Options" within Paragraph Styles.  This is when the 3rd problem happens.  When I tough the "Keep Lines Together" box, whether it's to check on or off, ID CC crashes.  It has happened in different places in the document so I don't even dare go near it any more. 


                    I've tried exporting to IDML and deleting the ID CC preferences twice and it seems to have made the problem go away.  The way to do that by the way, is to hold down all four keys: (CMD,OPT,CTR and Shift), simultaneously launch the InDesign app.

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                      emiliam50542291 Level 1

                      Actually the problems hasn't gone yet.  The text disappearance is definitely still happening.  Now ever if I change the character style in the text box all the text skips to the next box.  Then I size is a little smaller and the text comes back.  So weird... No more crashes yet though so fingers crossed...

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                        Another similar problem on 40 page document that I am about to update (no problems last year). When inserting a new page between pages 18 to 24 the following message come up (Windows - unable to define bounding box) (MAC - Requested operation would cause one or more objects to be too small. Check stroke weight isn't too large). On trying to delete pages the programme just crashes. In the end I deleted all the content from every page and this seemed to allow me to move pages around and insert new ones but continued to crash when deleting. I also deleted the preferences when launching ID but to no avail. So it would appear that ID CC2014 has a bug as others have experienced similar problems - the question is what is being done to cure it and and how long will it take? Another alternative is someone with a magic wand - I look forward to your magic!

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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          I think you've encountered a bug in CC where ID loses track of the object bounds sometimes. The only workaround I've found is to replace affected pages.

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                            This is exacly what I had to do too, non of the other suggestions worked. had to troubleshoot my way page by page through the entire 56 page document. Culprit WAS a table.