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    problems with transparent objects InDesign CS5.5

    Petra P

      Hi, I have troubles with using transparent objects in InDesign CS5.5 (Win7):

      If there is a transparent object in the background, is problem to move with another objects over this area. The object moving over the area with transparency "erases" objects below: texts, boxes.... They are not in fact erased, this effect tooks  only for the moment of movement and little bit longer. I have to wait for a while and after it is ok, but the work is slower and software is not working fast as I was got used in older versions.


      This trouble is not a problem of my computer (I have a new one with 16GB RAM, i5 processor), the same trouble with the same InDesign is on my laptop.

      Updates of InDesign are automatically installed.


      Can you give me some advice?

      Thanks, Petra


      this is screenshot - I moved with blue object - below you can see trails of "erasing"

      pruhlednost screenshot.jpg